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Rachel Roy Retail Therapy

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When life gets you down, what does one do?

If you’re me and get an email from Rachel Roy offering 30% off during their Friends and Family sale (November 19 – 23), you ignore the inner voice screaming rationalities about your spending and splurge.

Luckily, the splurge wasn’t too bad. Rachel Roy, an amazing designer who specializes in elegant uptown clothing for women, has created a new line for Macy’s called Rachel Rachel Roy. The line is full of young, fresh looks with a downtown edge for girls like you and me who aspire to wear her high price fashions (some pieces in her fall 2009 collection are well over $1,000). Prices for Rachel Rachel Roy dresses, which are of higher quality than something you would find at Target, top out at $129 while blouses and pants are up to $70 and $90.

So what did I end up getting?

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Okay. Let’s begin.

Totally stole this from Katherine Power's Twitter...but we needed to show you the fabulous mob at the WWW event!

Totally stole this from Katherine Power's Twitter...but we needed to show you the fabulous mob at the WWW event!

New York, London and Milan fashion weeks are over. Paris is close behind. Either way, we’re done with the January of fashion.

Now let’s cut to the chase. Anthonia, Ileana and I (Monica) will be posting here about our favorite finds, fads and fantasies (minds. gutter. out.). We’re not your typical couture snobs. We like our Marc Jacobs and our Vena Cava, but we’re most likely wearing an H&M version of our favorite trendy pieces. So what you’ll get here is some insight into our less than luxurious world–and how we live in it keeping our passion in mind.

Speaking of starting our own blog, we actually just came back from meeting Hilary and Katherine of Who What Wear at Chicago’s Cynthia Rowley. We are more on the shy side and it took us a while to approach these two lovely ladies. Thankfully, plenty of complimentary white wine was available (and both bloggers were incredibly sweet!). But we still felt a little out of place against the model-skinny, porcelain-faced WWW followers at the event. Why? Not sure. Maybe we can explore that issue as we post here. Bottom line is that we don’t think we’re alone. 

Two signed books and a few glasses of wine later, we come to you with our own vision. We want to show you how you can still be passionate about fashion without feeling like an outsider. So here’s to all of us naute-so-couturists! We hope you enjoy our thoughts.

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