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Halloween Riddle Solved!

673px-MTV-LogosvgYesterday we posed the riddle: What has glasses, big hair, a blazer and a penchant for ratty denim jackets and other equally homeless-looking attire?

If you guessed MTV VJ’s, then you’re right! Anthonia, Ileana and I went as Downtown Julie Brown, Jesse Camp and Kennedy this Halloween and we did a pretty darn good job, if you ask me. The best part was that we didn’t have to buy too much for our costumes–and if we did buy something, we could probably use it again. Although I don’t know how Anthonia feels about wearing her Trapper Keeper inspired bodycon dress from American Apparel.

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Inspiration Board: Gaga-ween? We think naute.

gagaIt seems like lots of people think that Lady Gaga is going to be the Sarah Palin/Amy Winehouse for Halloween 2009. Even NY Mag’s The Cut released a Halloween guide featuring the singer and six different ways you can look like her this holiday. Sure, she’s taken over the headlines and produces surprisingly addictive music, but she hasn’t been the only one who’s made it big in the media this year.

How about the infamous (and very recent) Balloon Boy? Or the Olympic bid? Or President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize? You know we’re right. Let us help you stand out from the crowd this October 31 while making your own headlines.

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Take it or Leave it?: Sparkly Shorts


Silence & Noise Shiny Sequin Tap Shorts ($28)

After reading Anthonia’s post on winter shorts I remembered my fascination with obnoxious sequined shorts. Urban Outfitters even sent out an email today about their Halloween-ish items, which featured a pair of sequin tap shorts that comes in gold, black, silver and purple sage. And they’re under $30! Great deal, right? Some people (coughAnthoniaandIleanacough) think it’s a terrible idea. Continue reading

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