Naute So Couture at Fashion Focus Chicago.

New York, Paris, London, Milan… Chicago?

The Second City is proving that it is second to none when it comes to fashion and local talent. Established and burgeoning designers are on display this weekend during Fashion Focus Chicago, Chicago’s version of Fashion Week, from October 22-25. And, lucky for you, the ladies of Naute So Couture will be covering events this weekend, capturing every stiletto, waifish model, must-have dress, air kiss, and complimentary flute of champagne (we hope, we hope, we hope!).

Monica, Anthonia and Ileana

For a full schedule of Fashion Focus Chicago events, visit Chicago Fashion Resource.


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Fashion News: Rodarte Target’s Next Collaboration


Target, the big box chain store loved by all, may have single handedly brought luxury items and design from Fifth Avenue to Main Street with its Go International collection.  Say what you will about the democratization of high end goods, but fashion and budget conscious women alike now have a better chance of having a Proenza Schouler top or an Anna Sui dress hanging in their closets.

However, the newest label to join the likes of Alexander McQueen and Erin Fetherson may seem a little out of the ordinary. Continue reading

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Barneys Brain Fart

barneysWe sure have been bad blog post-ers this week! We swear we’re just super busy with our capstone project. So busy (and tired!) in fact that when Anthonia asked me if I wanted to go to Barneys today, I had to ask “What’s Barneys?” Well, DUH. Only one of the best window shopping places on earth. And there I was thinking that she was talking about some bar downtown. To be fair, I was in need of a drink…

Anyways! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. We will be back shortly with some good reads.

xoxo Monica

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Inspiration Board: Gaga-ween? We think naute.

gagaIt seems like lots of people think that Lady Gaga is going to be the Sarah Palin/Amy Winehouse for Halloween 2009. Even NY Mag’s The Cut released a Halloween guide featuring the singer and six different ways you can look like her this holiday. Sure, she’s taken over the headlines and produces surprisingly addictive music, but she hasn’t been the only one who’s made it big in the media this year.

How about the infamous (and very recent) Balloon Boy? Or the Olympic bid? Or President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize? You know we’re right. Let us help you stand out from the crowd this October 31 while making your own headlines.

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Take it or Leave it?: Sparkly Shorts


Silence & Noise Shiny Sequin Tap Shorts ($28)

After reading Anthonia’s post on winter shorts I remembered my fascination with obnoxious sequined shorts. Urban Outfitters even sent out an email today about their Halloween-ish items, which featured a pair of sequin tap shorts that comes in gold, black, silver and purple sage. And they’re under $30! Great deal, right? Some people (coughAnthoniaandIleanacough) think it’s a terrible idea. Continue reading

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Too-skinny models? Pshaw.

1008ralphlaurenadBy now most of you have heard about how Ralph Lauren fired 23-year-old model Filippa Hamilton for being too fat. Hamilton is 5’10” and just under 120 pounds. For those of you who aren’t sure of how proportions work, this puts her at a BMI of 17.2–and very much in the underweight category.

But what’s all the fuss? I think we are all aware of the waify model trend going on in the industry. Instead of making some more bullhonky out of this, let’s celebrate some of our favorite rail-thin friends.

Disclaimer: We’re really just messing around. Seriously, Filippa, go eat a sandwich. Extra mayo.

And read on because you love us. Continue reading

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Get Shorty


This past summer, I lived in a pair of gray, tab-front shorts I bought on sale at two years ago. While other women faced the unseasonably cool weather in baggy tanks and shredded short shorts that left little to the imagination, I was content in oversized blouses tucked into my British schoolboy-esque shorts.

Common sense should tell me to put the shorts away now that I can see my breath when I go outside. But instead, I find myself winterizing my shorts with a pair of sheer or opaque tights, a trend I’ve seen other women embrace in the real world and online. Joanna Goddard of a Cup of Jo cosigned on the trend by offering up tweed shorts by menswear for the ladies genius, Steven Alan, and I love the easy elegance of the woman above snapped by fashion photographer (and the Sartorialist’s sweetheart) Garance Dore. I could definitely see her wearing dark patterned tights to keep warm.

While these photos are inspiring, there is always more than one way to interpret a trend.

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