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The Best Part of “The City” Moves to Bravo

When Whitney Port made the move from LA’s “Hills” to document her fashion coming-of-age in “The City,” we rejoiced. We felt Port had more to offer than just the blank stares and backstabbing of her cohort. And while Port’s 20-something escapades were definitely more interesting to watch than Spedi/Justin Bobby/Whoever else ate up screen time on the West Coast, we paid more attention this second season with the addition of Kelly Cutrone. Cutrone is the powerhouse between fashion PR, branding, marketing and production firm People’s Revolution. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, we live for Kelly’s “There’s No Crying In Fashion!” bon mots.

Apparently we’re not the only ones. Cutrone’s reality show “Kell On Earth” premieres on Bravo February 1. Visit Bravo’s blog to catch exclusive video of Cutrone explaining what her show will be like and what audiences will be shocked to learn about the fashion world icon,


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Oh Boy, Olsenboye

What’s that saying? As one grows up, it’s time to put away childish things? That adage came to mind as I watched a video for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s newest line for JC Penney, Olsenboye. It harkened back to their days as mini-moguls creating lines for Walmart back in the 90s. Oh Mary-Kate and Ashley, say it ain’t so!

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Fashion News: Rodarte Target’s Next Collaboration


Target, the big box chain store loved by all, may have single handedly brought luxury items and design from Fifth Avenue to Main Street with its Go International collection.  Say what you will about the democratization of high end goods, but fashion and budget conscious women alike now have a better chance of having a Proenza Schouler top or an Anna Sui dress hanging in their closets.

However, the newest label to join the likes of Alexander McQueen and Erin Fetherson may seem a little out of the ordinary. Continue reading

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