Halloween Riddle Solved!

673px-MTV-LogosvgYesterday we posed the riddle: What has glasses, big hair, a blazer and a penchant for ratty denim jackets and other equally homeless-looking attire?

If you guessed MTV VJ’s, then you’re right! Anthonia, Ileana and I went as Downtown Julie Brown, Jesse Camp and Kennedy this Halloween and we did a pretty darn good job, if you ask me. The best part was that we didn’t have to buy too much for our costumes–and if we did buy something, we could probably use it again. Although I don’t know how Anthonia feels about wearing her Trapper Keeper inspired bodycon dress from American Apparel.

Keep reading to see our outfits!

vjIleana was the clear winner in buying the least for her costume because all she needed was a Tina Turner wig (who knew Ike’s lady and Jesse had the same hair) and everything else (and that’s including her gold lame leggings and fringed-leather boots!) was already in her closet. Not only was she well prepared to emulate one of MTV’s finest, but she could have easily pulled off a Rock of Love contestant (sorry…love you!). But with a blazer here and naturally curly hair there, we were able to keep our cost down and everyone’s nostalgia meter high. And it helped that our Hween dinner party had some 90s tunes happening. Gin Blossoms, anyone? Please and thank you.

gagaweenSadly we did see a sickening amount of Lady Gaga’s patrolling Chicago’s Gold Coast. Many of them were being held up by their significant others outside of the bars on Halsted because they were so trashed, so maybe they won’t remember them all. But I have to say, I did see a particularly good Gaga-ween outfit that I wish I could have snapped in time. She was rocking the bubble outfit AND was covering her crotch.

As Anthonia said about those crotch baring ladies out there last night: “On the plus side, bikini lines across the world over have never seen this much attention, boosting the economy through waxing.”

We hope you guys all had a lovely night! We sure did.

xoxo Monica


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