Take it or Leave it: Too Late for a Romper?


Silence & Noise Studded V-neck Jumper ($68)

When something super trendy emerges (examples: wide-leg pants, high-wasted anything, blazers, fur vests), I often find myself hesitating to try on the pieces in question. But almost always (sans fur vests) I find myself liking the trend after it has come and gone.

In the middle of my daily Urban Outfitters browse, I halted at the Silence & Noise Studded V-neck Jumper. I probably haven’t given it a fair shot in the past, but it’s super simple and looks like we can make it last past this season. I’m already thinking of styling it for the winter with some tights and my new favorite Deena & Ozzy Patent Oxford Wedges. My only concern so far is that it looks like rompers make it difficult to go to the bathroom. What do you guys think?

xoxo Monica

PS Chicago Fashion Week pics on the way…once we find out how to get them off of our friend Kate’s camera.

PPS Sorry for the UO overload…kinda hard when it’s just two blocks away in a town that has the Gap and American Apparel as its only other good stores!


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