Inspiration Board: Gaga-ween? We think naute.

gagaIt seems like lots of people think that Lady Gaga is going to be the Sarah Palin/Amy Winehouse for Halloween 2009. Even NY Mag’s The Cut released a Halloween guide featuring the singer and six different ways you can look like her this holiday. Sure, she’s taken over the headlines and produces surprisingly addictive music, but she hasn’t been the only one who’s made it big in the media this year.

How about the infamous (and very recent) Balloon Boy? Or the Olympic bid? Or President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize? You know we’re right. Let us help you stand out from the crowd this October 31 while making your own headlines.


Balloon Boy: Balloon Boy Falcon Heene went up, up and away this week–oh, wait, no he didn’t. But his basement refuge story made a great headline anyway. Here we have some great pieces that resemble the balloon that did get away. We suggest playing up the floating effect with a balloon hem and maybe by carrying some inflated mylar.

Polyvore Finds: Dollydagger up up and away necklace, Haute Hippie illusion fringe sequin dress, Vicky Martin Gwen skirt in slate grey & silver sequin, Couture Couture by Juicy Couture Beaded Fabric Bracelet, ZOA sequined cloud tank, Malene Birger starin embellished clutch, Christian Louboutin glitter slingback heel.


Nobel Peace Prize: This month President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Whether or not you agree with the decision, you gotta admit that that medal is a prettyhunk of gold. And why shouldn’t you try to one up it in a sequined ensemble?

Polyvore Finds: Jovita’s wide brown boho style flower bangle, Dorothy Perkins gold multi chain knot belt, H&M gold stud ring, WW2 service medals, Diesel gold colored disc bracelet, H&M hammered gold elastic bracelet, Juicy Couture diamond-outline earrings, Paul & Joe Wiviana sequined mini dress, Derek Lam Panne velvet drape skirt, Chanel Limited Edition gold fiction nail color.


2016 Olympic Bid: We’re actually ecstatic that Chicago didn’t get the bid this year (our city has enough problems to take care of in the meantime), so let’s give Rio another hurrah for winning the bid! We think this is the perfect outfit for the Halloween enthusiast who wants to look great but still be comfortable in some more athletic pieces. That is, unless you want to go for the amazing one-shouldered bodysuit.

Polyvore Finds: Mark Davis blue Lilah bangle bracelet set, Just Gold 24K bangle, Mark Davis marbled bakelite bangle with peridot, Mark Davis solid black Evalyn bangle bracelet, Oxana vintage bakelite bangle with spessartite and light yellow topaz, Nike Air Prestige II Low, Nike Sami Club large bag, Nike Imara Kylo Cee women’s watch, Adidas basic logo women’s t-shirt, Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals by Originals JS Wings, Puma PU15013 Sunglasses, Topshop panel one shoulder body.

Have a fun Halloween! xoxo Monica


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