Too-skinny models? Pshaw.

1008ralphlaurenadBy now most of you have heard about how Ralph Lauren fired 23-year-old model Filippa Hamilton for being too fat. Hamilton is 5’10” and just under 120 pounds. For those of you who aren’t sure of how proportions work, this puts her at a BMI of 17.2–and very much in the underweight category.

But what’s all the fuss? I think we are all aware of the waify model trend going on in the industry. Instead of making some more bullhonky out of this, let’s celebrate some of our favorite rail-thin friends.

Disclaimer: We’re really just messing around. Seriously, Filippa, go eat a sandwich. Extra mayo.

And read on because you love us.

oblinaOblina from Nickelodeon’s Ahh! Real Monsters

Complete with brains, flexibility and that slammin’ body shaped like a candy cane–who could ever resist Oblina? Even while wearing her black-and-white bodycon jumpsuit, there was no need to slip on the Spanx first. And to top it all off, she had those bright green eyes and Angelina Jolie lips working in her favor. No wonder she had such a loyal posse. Ickis and Krumm sure were lucky to be her arm candy!


smThe Steve Madden cartoon girls

Great shoes, crop tops AND a head larger than their torsos? These girls have it all, so it’s no wonder that they are the muses for Queens-chic footwear. But Filippa better watch out for their toothpick-wide Ralph Lauren-worthy waist lines because a swift gust of Chi-town’s breeze can easily separate their top half from their bottom half. So you can forget taping up pictures of models from Self–this Steve Madden advertisement has earned the prime spot on your freezer door.



Nuff said.





xoxo Monica


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