Take it or Leave it?: Sparkly Shorts


Silence & Noise Shiny Sequin Tap Shorts ($28)

After reading Anthonia’s post on winter shorts I remembered my fascination with obnoxious sequined shorts. Urban Outfitters even sent out an email today about their Halloween-ish items, which featured a pair of sequin tap shorts that comes in gold, black, silver and purple sage. And they’re under $30! Great deal, right? Some people (coughAnthoniaandIleanacough) think it’s a terrible idea.

But, hey, they’re cheap, fun and Halloween is coming up, so I might even be able to find some use for them then. I also think they might make a great alternative to wearing something equally as comfortable as jeans when I go out. I might be crazy, but they just seem like way less fuss than a bodyhugging skirt.

Scallop Sequin Knicker ($80)

Scallop Sequin Knicker ($80)

I did some more online shopping and found this adorable Topshop sequin “knicker” (so British…love) that I actually think has a more flattering shape than the flowy tap shorts and the color is more subdued. But, I know I’d look like a Lady Gaga clone if I stepped out in these.

Anyone else out there think that sparkly shorts are a good idea? Or maybe just an okay idea? If you’re like me and say absolutely, which ones would you go for?

xoxo Monica


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  1. To clarify, I LOVE the black sequin shorts! Maybe not in legging form, but the shorts are faboosh!

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