Get Shorty


This past summer, I lived in a pair of gray, tab-front shorts I bought on sale at two years ago. While other women faced the unseasonably cool weather in baggy tanks and shredded short shorts that left little to the imagination, I was content in oversized blouses tucked into my British schoolboy-esque shorts.

Common sense should tell me to put the shorts away now that I can see my breath when I go outside. But instead, I find myself winterizing my shorts with a pair of sheer or opaque tights, a trend I’ve seen other women embrace in the real world and online. Joanna Goddard of a Cup of Jo cosigned on the trend by offering up tweed shorts by menswear for the ladies genius, Steven Alan, and I love the easy elegance of the woman above snapped by fashion photographer (and the Sartorialist’s sweetheart) Garance Dore. I could definitely see her wearing dark patterned tights to keep warm.

While these photos are inspiring, there is always more than one way to interpret a trend.

I pair a boyfriend blazer (I’m obsessed with my Silence and Noise blazer from Urban Outfitters) with a long tunic from Anthropologie that is a little bit longer than the blazer itself. My shorts peek out from underneath, making the overall look thoughtfully disheveled. Add a pair of tights and my knee high black boots to the mix and I’m ready to face the cold!

If I want a much more casual look, I pair my shorts with a sweater that falls past my hips with the same boots and a scarf. American Apparel’s Unisex Circle Scarf comes highly recommended. What are some warm weather looks you’re continuing to wear this fall/winter?

– Anthonia


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