Londonmania: Don’t Stop with Topshop

topshopTopshop has been alive and well in New York for some time now (and now there’s rumors of a branch opening in Brooklyn!), but I’m wondering if we’re going to see more London exports in the future. I’m the ultimate Anglo wannabe; just came back from my fourth trip to London last month and planning on visiting again in January. And everytime I leave I cry a little bit on the inside because I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit my favorite UK stores again. And let’s face it: those crazy shipping prices are so not worth it.

Don’t get me wrong. Topshop is great and all, but I say we need more! So listen up all of you fashionistas across the pond: this is what we Americans want.

All Saints Chanetti Ring (£25)

All Saints Chanetti Ring (£25)

This place, though pricey, was my second favorite in London (behind Topshop, of course). Its main store in East London’s Spitalfields neighborhood looks like an industrial wonderland speckled with fragile chains, buttery leather and a hundred shades of black. I’d go here if I wanted to get an outfit that I could wear to work and after-work drinks.

My pick of the moment is the Chanetti Ring (£25). Gothic, victorian and elegance all rolled into one? Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Warehouse Tweed Tulip Oatmeal Dress (£70)

Warehouse Tweed Tulip Oatmeal Dress (£70)
The best part about Warehouse is that if you’re not near any of their specialty stores, there will most likely be a Warehouse section at your local (well, local if you’re in the UK!) department store, such as the British department store staples Debenhams (, John Lewis ( and Selfridges ( And that comes in super handy when you really want to mix it up with pieces from other equally favorite UK clothing lines.

What’s even better about this line is that you’ll find some great investment pieces that can be used for all occasions, like this Tweed Tulip Oatmeal Dress (£70).

River Island Stud Detail Shoulder Tee (£29.99)

River Island Stud Detail Shoulder Tee (£29.99)

The first few times I went to River Island years ago, I was unimpressed. It seemed like there was just a lot of mediocre going-out clothing. But I’m happy to say that they proved me wrong this time around.

What I found this time was a treasure trove of affordable and comfortable pieces perfect for a night on the town. This is a big deal for me because I always want to look nice when I go out, but I try to avoid wearing heels and skin-tight tops. This time I got a great pair of leggings studded with a few gold buttons near the ankle and a shimmery bronze racerback. Then I went online and saw I missed the Stud Detail Shoulder Tee (£29.99; shown here) and felt like kicking myself for missing it. Maybe next time…

Next Suede Ballerina Flats (£28)

Next Suede Ballerina Flats (£28)
Don’t be fooled by its wide selection of office attire–Next has something for everyone. Even those who aren’t working women.

But skip past the clothes for a second. I love the accessories and home decor here. Some of my favorite necklaces come from here, and if I had room in my suitcase, I would check out the housewares more often.

And check out these great Suede Ballerina Flats (£28)! Every single time I go I find at least one great pair of shoes. My favorites are the citrine ones but I also tend to like more obnoxious colors.

Do you guys have any favorite stores from overseas? Let us know! xoxo Monica


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