Naute So Winter

Mod Cloth's White Poise Gloves

Mod Cloth's White Poise Gloves ($13)

It’s only early October, but Chicago is already a victim of below freezing temperatures and our weathermen were predicting snow for Monday (luckily, it looks like it’ll just be raining). Before going out with friends tonight to see a show at the iO Theater in Wrigleyville, I contemplated wearing my knee length puffy winter coat. did predict a low of 31 degrees, after all. But of course I chose to wear a short peacoat instead and shivered on my way downtown and back. 

So, readers, I need to know: how much does the weather affect your fashion decisions? Most Chicagoans seem to give up as the temperatures drop and layer on whatever they have left in their closet, but it’s hard for me to leave the house knowing that I look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Free People Miss Daisy Gloves ($24)

Free People Miss Daisy Gloves ($24)

Normally at this time I’d be stocking up on some great winter scarves and gloves, but I can’t help looking at impractical lace gloves and thin-knitted scarves. I was so happy that the summer scarf was all over the place this year, and now I want to make it last as long as possible! Mod Cloth and Free People have some really fantastic vintage-y lace and mesh accessories out now. Cold weather or not, I they they’ll really transform an outfit. What do you guys think? Any other favorite anti-winter pieces you suggest?

xoxo Monica


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