Men’s fashion is back, and boy it’s not a moment too soon. Long have we suffered through the too-tight, leaving-precious little-to-the-anatomical-imagination skinny pant that has assaulted our eyes and left us jaded.

No more! The Chino is back and we couldn’t be happier. These aren’t the Gap Chinos of 2004, but a hybrid of the fitted denim look, mixed with the class and pleat that we expect from the style.

We’re loving the cuffed ankle and the shortened hem that gives us a sock peak. A perfect look for fall that recalls poems by Blake and romantic picnics in the park. (Just us?)

But it’s not just the guys who are having all the slack-inspired fun. Form-fitting and-flattering unisex styles are popping up on our streets, the runways and stores everywhere.

Look to Chanel, Haider Ackermann and Jil Sander for inspiration. With style staples like an altered blazer or suit pants, the mix and match options are endless.

I (Ileana) have a personal affinity for the over-sized cardigan, and large jackets in general. When paired correctly with the appropriate black pants, it can be the perfect go-t0 outfit. I’m loving this carefree, testament to beauty of the human form without outrageous ruffles or tulle to tell us otherwise.


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